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Germany to Nevada, US

This project began with flying a management team to Grotezenberg, Germany to develop a list of the equipment to be relocated, to find sources for the rigging equipment that would be needed to perform the removal of the milling machines, lathes and CNC machines our customer wanted to send to the U.S., to set up transportation and housing accommodations for our crew and to preplan the move. We worked with our transportation partner to prepare for the delivery of the required containers to the job site in Grotezenberg, to prepare all required bills of lading, to prepare an inventory list and to obtain permits necessary to get the equipment through Customs, on to the ships and into the U.S.. We then sent our disconnect crew to Grotzenberg where they worked long hours 7 days a week for 22 days to disconnect, tag, clean and coat all the machinery with a rust inhibitor to prevent rust during transit to the U.S.. Three weeks later our crews arrived in Reno. They again worked long hours, 7 days a week for 28 days to unload, reassemble, position, make all electrical and mechanical connections, level, align, and assist with startup and checkout the machinery. We have contracted multiple moves for this client.

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